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Building and Maintaining a Portfolio 

Designed to Protect and Grow Your Wealth

When You Work with a Fee-Only Fiduciary, You Remain at the Center of Your Investments

As fee-only, fiduciary planners, we’ve taken a fiduciary oath to act in good faith and to always serve in our client’s best interest—placing your interests above our own. Given that we are compensated solely by you, we don’t receive a kickback for selling one investment product over another. This means we identify the most appropriate options for you, not for our gain. 

Plant in jar of coins

Our Investment Approach:

1) Discuss Your Objectives

In-depth discussions help us understand your current situation, income needs, goals, timetables, and risk tolerance and risk capacity. This is usually developed with your financial plan to determine the long-term rate of return needed for your plan to succeed. Only then can we discern the appropriate asset allocation to avoid taking on more risk than necessary to achieve your long-term goals.

2) Create Your Policy

We create an investment policy that aligns with your needs and considers your concerns. This dictates the type of portfolio that will be utilized.

3) Build Your Portfolio

We then assemble a portfolio using a variety of diverse asset classes that we have researched, geared toward achieving a reasonable return while minimizing taxes and controlling risk. 

4) Review and Adjust

We’ll oversee and make changes to the portfolio as your life and plan changes. Just as a smooth-running engine in your car requires occasional tune ups, in our regular review meetings we will discuss possible changes that may be needed to keep your portfolio in tune with your financial plan.

About the Portfolios We Design 


May consist of a combination of exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, individual bonds and actively managed mutual funds. Occasionally individual stocks may be purchased.


Since we act as fiduciaries and don’t receive commissions, we are free to select the best investments for your situation without those conflicts of interest.


We seek out ways to minimize your taxes, such as placing inefficient tax investments in tax-deferred accounts or performing ongoing tax harvesting to reduce gains subject to taxation.

Offering Both Strategic and Tactical Portfolios to Our Clients


  • Along the lines of traditional buy and hold portfolios

  • Consist of low cost funds

  • Re-Balanced regularly to use losses to offset gains and reduce taxes (tax harvesting)

  • Occasional strategic allocation changes 


  • Designed to make tactical moves depending on market conditions, sector rotations, valuations or other factors that may affect the markets

  • Allocations change more frequently than strategic portfolios

  • Re-Balanced regularly to use losses to offset gains and reduce taxes (tax harvesting)

Let’s Create a Portfolio That’s Right for You

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