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Celebrating Over Three Decades of

Personalized, Fee-Only Wealth Guidance

About Focus Financial Advisors

the Focus Financial Advisors team members.

The Early Years

We got our start in 1984 with Bob Lawrenz founding our firm, which was initially called Robert Lawrenz Consulting Services.

Initially, we mainly offered investment advice and asset allocation models to clients, who would then bring our plans to their brokers for implementation. Though starting out with a different name, from day 1, we've always worked on a transparent, fee-only basis acting as a fiduciary for our clients and eschewing commissions and other incentives.

Making Changes to Better Serve Our Clients

In 1987, Fred Raffety joined Bob’s firm, and the two continued to work under the same model. Over time, they noticed their clients expressing dissatisfaction with their brokers, who put the interests of the brokerage firm first—ahead of the interests of the client.

In response, Bob and Fred started managing their client’s money directly on a discretionary basis to provide them with integrated investment management and comprehensive financial planning.

Person typing on a laptop.

office meeting room.

Expanding Our Reach and Becoming Focus Financial Advisors

In 1999, Bob started the process of turning the reins of the firm over to Fred. Not long after the transition, Fred decided that he wanted the firm to continue long after he was gone and made the decision to change the name of the company to Focus Financial Advisors. He chose “Focus” because our mission is to help clients “FOCUS” on achieving their life’s goals and dreams.

To help with Fred’s goals and to bring in professionals with complementary skill sets, Jon Aldrich, the current owner and president, joined Focus in 2004. Jon shared Fred’s desire to provide an exceptional level of personal service to people who need financial planning, wealth management—and someone to call whenever there is a major financial or other event in their life.

Today, the team at Focus remains dedicated to the values established by our founder, and we are more equipped than ever to provide the kind of service that our clients deserve.

Remembering Where We Began

During 2015, Fred Raffety passed away. All of us at Focus truly miss Fred’s presence, as do our clients that knew Fred. The team is committed to holding true to the values, ethics and exceptional service to clients that Fred brought to the firm and instilled in everyone here. Fred always said that he wanted Focus to continue long after he was gone, and our team is dedicated to fulfilling that dream.

Along with our long tenured associates, Janet Prader and Martha Whitman, the team at Focus remains dedicated to the values established by our founder and today we are more equipped than ever to provide the level of service that our clients deserve.

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